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How to Reduce C&D Waste and Earn Money at Your Job Site

Are you wondering how you can conveniently reduce your construction and demolition waste while still generating money? NowRush is your source for C&D waste management.

Taking a good assessment of your construction practices helps to uncover ways to reduce the amount of waste you discard at your job site to ensure you maximize your profitability.

Keep in mind that waste reduction is a sustainable building and construction practice that can help you save time and money. Here are a few ways to help you reduce C&D waste and still earn money while keeping your environment clean.

Consider Ways to Reduce Waste

As a project manager, you have an important role in putting together a realistic plan to get most work done at less expense. In construction, materials take the most significant chunk of the budget, and that’s why construction managers work on the principle of wasting less to spend less. But how do you reduce material wastage to help you spend less? When planning your construction or demolition project, actively consider ways to reduce your waste. These include:

  • Take account of the potential waste at the site.
  • Calculate the amount of materials needed for the project and only order the exact amount.
  • Provide your job site with different dumpsters for waste and recycling. For example, rent two separate dumpsters, one for your waste and another for grouping all your recyclable materials like metals. Having two separate dumpsters allows for convenient organization at your construction site in order to help cut down on unnecessary confusion, making your job site more efficient.
  • Finally, educate your workers on adequately sorting out the waste and identifying the recyclable ones, which can earn you money when recycled.

Consider Deconstruction

Choosing deconstruction as an alternative for demolition is a great reuse strategy. The deconstruction process involves selectively disassembling the building you intend to demolish, and therefore preserving the salvaged materials. You can then transform the materials into valuable resources to be reused in your other construction projects. If you don’t have other projects, consider donating the recovered materials. Choosing deconstruction before demolition will help reduce waste, reduce toxic pollutants, and save you some cash.

Consider Recycling & Reuse

Before tossing your construction and demolition waste into the dumpster, you need to assess whether it can be recycled or reused. For instance, you can consider storing materials in good condition for your next project, like saving drywall scraps that you can later use as filler pieces in your other project. Another way to reuse your waste material is by using chunks of clean concrete and other masonry rubble to backfill along your foundation walls. For your metal wastes, getting a separate dumpster to recycle them is a great way to earn some extra cash at your job site while consequently keeping your environment clean. You’ll always find various ways to recycle or reuse a massive chunk of your waste to ensure you reduce your waste production and spend less on your project or earn some money from recycling.

Get a Reliable C&D Waste Management and Recycling Contractor

Do you need help reducing your construction and demolition waste and, consequently, make money? NowRush is your one-stop solution for waste management and metal recycling. Get in touch with us today to rent a dumpster for your C&D waste removal, as well as another dumpster for recycling metals at your construction job site and earn money from the recycled metals.