Prohibited Materials

How to Avoid Paying Potential Extra Fees

Make sure you pay only the rental price we quoted

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Additional charges can apply in certain circumstances, so it’s important to be aware of these extra fees to make sure you pay only the price we quoted. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help make your dumpster rental as easy – and inexpensive! – as possible.

Potential Extra Fees

Here are some simple guidelines on the additional fees to avoid when renting a dumpster.

Trip Fees

We will charge a trip fee to cover fuel costs and route delay if our driver cannot drop off or pick up your dumpster due to obstructions.

Overweight Fees

Our dumpster rental agreements come with an included weight allowance. If your debris weighs more, you’ll pay the difference on a per-ton basis.

Rental Extension Fees

Our standard dumpster rental period is 10 days. However, customers can call us and keep the container longer for an extra fee of $10 per day.

Disposal Fees

This fee varies, depending on which prohibited items are placed in our dumpsters. Learn more about prohibited materials here.

Overloading Fees

If debris is overflowing or hanging over the sides of the dumpster, it cannot be safely transported and you’ll be charged an overloading fee.

Long-Distance Hauling Fees

If you fall outside our service area, you may be responsible for paying a long-distance hauling fee for the extra fuel costs we incur.