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Top Seven Reasons to Rent a Dumpster

Any residential or commercial construction and renovation project, regardless of how small it might look, can create tons of waste when left to accumulate for a long time. It would be best to get rid of all the trash by finding a safe place to place it. Thus, dumpster renting services have become inevitable among homeowners and builders.

Top Seven Reasons to Rent a Dumpster

Home and Office Remodeling or Renovation.

Whether you are planning to upgrade some features or remodel the entire room, a lot of debris and other forms of waste will be produced. These interior projects that produce much debris range from flooring, tearing carpets to other finishing. With our dumpsters onsite, you can easily declutter the space by safely disposing of the refuse.

Spring and Garage Cleaning.

Seasonal home and garage general cleaning might seem like a small project but can grow to larger ones with a lot of waste. This cleaning project can start from the attic, through the basement to the yard and garage. Most garages are junk limbo-with a lot of stuff that you are not sure where to take. Cleaning this mess requires more than trash bags, and a dumpster becomes the best alternative. At NowRush Recycling Solutions, we would love to offer you these services.


Your house might look amazing, but dead trees and gnarled shrubs around it may not. You need to cut off the dead tree limbs, put the bushes and flowers in rows and pull out other dead turfs. All this landscaping mess, such as twigs, branches, stones and other forms of dirt, requires  strong and spacious dumpsters to make the project a success.

Concrete Disposal.

Some renovation and landscaping projects require the removal or addition of concrete. It would be economical to rent roll-off dumpsters with ideal sizes. Our dumpsters are strong and large enough to carry a large load. For instance, one of our roll-off dumpsters can transport a large concrete load in one trip that could have taken about ten trips for an ordinary pickup truck.

Roof Replacement.

Most roofing materials are affected by the prevailing climatic conditions. Homeowners can decide to replace the materials due to damage or advance to a more amazing style. Whichever the reason, the project will require a dumpster to carry waste produced. Contractors acknowledge that every 100 square feet of a torn-off roof produces about 250 to 360 pounds of debris during replacement, depending on the type of roofing material used. NowRush Recycling Solutions have dumpsters that can help you haul the waste to recycling sites or landfills.

Construction and Demolition.

Both construction and demolition projects require a constant flow of materials. During demolition, the by-products include heavy debris, metals, wood, concrete, tiles, roofing materials, flooring, and other waste materials. The materials make your space much cluttered if not removed frequently. At NowRush Recycling Solutions, we have strong and large dumpsters that can haul and store large construction and demolition materials to make your home tidy.

Metal Recycling

Going green is an aspiration for us all. Whether it is a residential, commercial or community project, the recyclables need to be put into a dumpster and hauled to the recycling plants. Recycling is the easiest and the best practice to save natural resources while keeping environmental pollution in check. At NowRush Recycling Solutions, we offer full-service scrap metal recycling processes. Our containers and dumpsters can handle and carry all types of scrap metals to recycling sites to keep our environment and people safe.

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You might find yourself in the aforementioned situations or others that require you to rent a dumpster. We have various options for you regarding dumpster sizes, time of delivery and disposal, and pricing. Contact us  at NowRush Recycling Solutions for Dumpster Rentals. We are delighted to serve you better.