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We Buy All Manufacturing Scrap

Do you generate scrap metal from machining or other subtractive manufacturing processes? Or have large quantities of defective production parts? Do you have decommissioned on-site equipment and machinery that needs removal from your facility?

NowRush is a full-service scrap metal buyer. We provide manufacturers across New Hampshire, Massachusetts and southern Maine a full range of roll-off containers for metal collection and convenient pick-ups. Available in 15-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard and 40-yard sizes, we’ll drop off the container to best handle the type and quantity of your material, place it in a convenient location and return to pick it up when it’s full.

Whether you need a one-time pick-up or routine removal, call NowRush. We offer scrap metal recycling services tailored to your needs. We take pride in providing customers high-quality service and fast payments at competitive prices.

Common Manufacturing Scrap We Accept

  • Defective Production Parts
  • Large Equipment and Machinery
  • Metal Drums, Storage Bins
  • Shearing, Coils and Casting
  • Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Brass
  • Turnings, Borings, Cuttings

Benefits of Recycling Metal

Recycling metals not only saves energy and precious natural resources, but it creates jobs, lowers the trade deficit and helps consumers earn money.


The burden on natural resources is drastically decreased when we recycle scrap metal. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.

Energy Conservation

The process of recycling metal uses less energy than making brand new metal. This cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and allocates energy for other purposes, like heating and lighting our homes.


U.S. trade balances get a boost from scrap metals. Plus, the industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, with numbers growing every year, and many high-skill jobs in science and engineering.


Consumers can get paid for scrap metal. Depending on the type and amount of metal you have to recycle, your scrap metal heaps may equate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra cash.

Industries We Serve

  • Machine Shops
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Wire & Cable Producers
  • Auto Manufacturers
  • Window Manufacturers
  • Utilities Companies
  • OEM Suppliers
  • Production Shops
  • Telecommunications

Ideal Sizes for Your Metal Scrap

15 Yard Container
  • Aluminum, copper & stainless steel
20 Yard Container
  • Heavy iron & steel
30 Yard Container
  • Mix of light & heavy steel
40 Yard Container
  • Light grade & bulky metal

Need Certified Destruction?

Gain peace of mind that your obsolete or excess inventory or proprietary equipment is properly destroyed. Whether you need a one-time pick up or regularly scheduled destruction, we can customize a solution to meet your needs. After destruction, we issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Obsolete & Excess Inventory

Our services offer total control over the disposal process and guarantee secure, compliant and environmentally-responsible product disposition.

Proprietary Equipment

Avoid disastrous ethical or financial problems through secure and certified destruction of classified, proprietary equipment or intellectual property.

Why Sell to Us

Sell to us, and you’ll work with experienced metal buyers who are committed to maximizing the value of your scrap. Here are just some of the many reasons why so many manufacturers partner with NowRush for their scrap metal recycling needs.

Competitive Metal Pricing

We recycle on a large scale, which means we are able to pay some of the most competitive rates.

Certified Scale Weights

We provide customers accurate and reliable weight tickets from state certified scales.

Fast Payment

We immediately issue and mail customers a check. Our customers get paid within seven days.

Quick & Easy Scheduling

Whether it’s by phone call or through our website, scheduling is always quick and easy.

Courteous & Professional

Excellent customer service is our main priority, as is evidenced by our friendly and capable team.

Prompt & Reliable Service

We guarantee prompt and reliable service for all scrap metal containers – no exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Metal Do You Buy?

We accept a wide range of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper and light iron. To provide an accurate quote, we’ll ask about the quantity and condition of your scrap (separated metal, mixed metal or mixed with other waste).

Is There a Minimum Amount of Metal You Buy?

NowRush works with industrial manufacturers, national retailers, tradesmen and demolition contractors who produce large quantities of scrap metal. As a guideline, the approximate minimum weight that we accept is 2.5 tons.

What Materials Won't You Buy?

Although this list is not inclusive, NowRush will not accept hazardous waste or chemicals, refrigerants, flammable materials, closed containers, fluids like oils or gasoline, radioactive materials or non-metal materials.

What Prices Do You Pay for Scrap Metal?

We pay competitive rates for your metal scrap. Because recycling is a commodity business, pricing varies daily and largely depends on the type of metal you are recycling. Please contact us for current, updated pricing.

What Customers Say About Us

"We had a large piece of equipment that we needed to remove from our facility. We called NowRush and were surprised that they could help us on such short notice. They were excellent - prompt, courteous and professional. Highly recommend."

Tom A.
Owner, Anzalone Transport Inc.