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Do I Need a Permit to Rent a Dumpster?

Do you need a rental dumpster permit? The answer solely depends on where you’ll have your dumpster placed. If you plan to place your dumpster container on your residential driveway or your own property, then you won’t require any permit. But what happens when you have too much trash that requires a larger dumpster? In such cases, homeowners may need to use the street or public property. If you use any public area, you’ll need a permit. However, keep in mind that dumpster permit requirements vary from city to city. We’ve gathered all you need to know about dumpster permits to help you run your project smoothly in case you need a permit.

Circumstances When You Need a Permit for Dumpster Rental

You only need a dumpster permit if you intend to drop off or place your container directly on public property like sidewalks or on the street. The license issued is commonly referred to as a right-of-way or street permit and is acquired from the city’s building department or public works. Dumpster permit regulations differ in each city. For instance, some cities only require a permit if the container is placed on public property, while others need a permit even if the container is visible to passersby.

If you place your dumpster on your privately-owned property, you don’t need to acquire a dumpster rental permit. However, if you reside in a neighborhood managed by a homeowner’s association, you might need permission from the association before you place the dumpster on a residential street. Again, this will depend on the laws and regulations put in place by your homeowner’s association.

How Do You Obtain Your Dumpster Rental Permit?

Does your location require a dumpster permit? If so, who is responsible for applying for the dumpster permit? In some locations, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the permit. In others, it falls on the dumpster service company.

If your city requires the customer to obtain a permit, the public works department can confirm that fact. You’ll have to fill in some documents, and depending on your city, the process can be done via phone, online, or in person.

Also, if you live in a neighborhood regulated by a homeowners’ association, be sure to confirm the regulations put in place. This way, you’ll be sure if you’re allowed to place your container on your driveway or on a residential street. Once everything is in place, you can now schedule the dumpster rental.

How to Schedule a Dumpster Rental Through NowRush Recycling 

Once you have your dumpster rental permit, it’s time to schedule your dumpster rental. Here’s an overview of the steps to expect during your dumpster rental process when working with NowRush Recycling Solutions.

  • Determining the right dumpster size depending on the type and amount of waste
  • Getting a quote of how much the dumpster rental will cost
  • Scheduling the delivery
  • Use your dumpster and call for its pickup and disposal

Renting a dumper through NowRush Recycling Solutions is a pretty simple process. Throughout the process, our experts will let you know what’s required of you beforehand to ensure your delivery is set up as soon as possible. For more information, check out this detailed process on how to rent a dumpster.

Are You Ready to Schedule a Dumpster Delivery?

If you are in a highly populated area or have a small driveway, then placing your dumpster within the residential driveway may not be an option. A dumpster permit will allow you to place the container in any public space around you. Having the option of using a public street will also help you to keep track of the project, allowing for a smooth dumpster rental process. Reach out to rent a dumpster today, and make your work easier.