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Three Ways to Prepare for Dumpster Drop-Off

Whether you’re renovating your space moving, dumpster rentals are the perfect disposal solution for activities that generate high waste volumes within short periods. For starters, dumpster rentals guarantee a safe environment. You don’t have to worry about stumbling on debris piles or sustaining injuries from sharp items. Dumpster rentals also prevent legal issues since a clean and safe worksite lowers litigation risks. Lastly, dumpster rentals are cost-effective. Since the dumpster service removes all your waste at the end of the project, renting a dumpster might be cheaper than disposing your waste over several trips. Here’s what to do before your dumpster rental for a timely and stress-free delivery.

Selecting Delivery Area 

Decide where you want the dumpster and ask, NowRush, your dumpster rental service whether it’s a suitable position. Several factors come into play when deciding on dumpster placement.  The first one is access. Place the dumpster near doors or worksites for easy waste disposal. The dumpster should also sit on a sturdy base. Placing the dumpster on underground plumbing and sprinkler heads could damage the pipes and leave the ground muddy. Similarly, ensure the ground is flat. The dumpster might slide down the slope if the surface is hilly. What’s more, know the exact delivery date to avoid last-minute rushes when the truck arrives with the dumpster. If you won’t be around on the scheduled date, you can ask someone else to receive the delivery truck on your behalf.

Removing Obstructions 

Clear the delivery area of cars and other obstructions such as bikes and fences. You should check the dumpster’s size to know the space you should leave for your delivery area. Another consideration is the delivery truck. In addition to the dumpster’s height, it accounts for truck components like hook lifts. The delivery area should be free of tree limbs and electricity lines for easier parking and unloading.  The next step is marking the delivery spot with cones to guide the truck driver on where to leave the dumpster.

Recheck the area on the delivery date to ensure the truck has enough unloading space. If you live in a thickly settled area, you can remove trash cans from your curb and ask neighbors to move their vehicles from the street near your house.

How to Avoid Extra Fees 

Overage fees aren’t uncommon in dumpster rentals. However, you can take several precautions to avoid extra expenses. First off, get the correct dumpster size. If the container is too small, you may overload it and end up paying extra. You can solve this problem by getting a larger dumpster to hold more than what you projected if the waste exceeds your expectations. You can also prevent overloading by recycling and donating some items.

Furthermore, read through NowRush’s policy. Dumpster costs and overage expenses vary from one company to another. Different providers also restrict different items. Some prohibited objects include batteries, paint, and tires. Hazardous materials require specialized disposal, costing you more in dumpster rental fees.

Renting a Dumpster Has Never Been Easier

Dumpster rentals eliminate the stress of waste disposal, so you concentrate on other activities. Following these tips guarantees the dumpster’s successful drop-off, use, and pickup to exceed the contractor and homeowner’s expectations. Are you looking for safe waste disposal? Contact us today to rent a dumpster.