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The Ultimate Guide on How to Dispose of Large Household Items

Whether it’s a couch, trampoline, or refrigerator that you want to get rid of, their disposal can be such a headache. It becomes more challenging for the residents, especially in municipalities that don’t offer such services.

However, that shouldn’t be the case. With the help of a reliable company, you can comfortably dispose of your large household items. Better still, there are other eco-friendly tips on how to go about it, and this guide will shed some light on that. Read on to find out.

Here are three easy options to dispose of your large household items.

Organize a Garage Sale

If you have the time to organize an event and make some money from your unused large items, this is for you. Also, it could be a perfect family hangout or even one to get to know your neighbors amidst the busy schedules. So, let’s dive in.

To have a successful garage sale, there are a few details you need to know.

1. Set a date for the event: The best time is the first weekend of the month, either a Friday or Saturday. During this time, people still have money from their end-of-month salary, and it’s the weekend, so most people are home.

2. Set inexpensive prices for various items: Remember, these are second-hand items. So, set reasonable prices that will not scare potential buyers depending on their condition.

3. Advertise your event: There are so many ways to do this.

  • One, use your social media platforms to tell your friends and family about the sale. You can even post a few items on sale to draw their attention.
  • Another one is talking with your estate management and putting posters around the estate.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to add a sale sign on your gate to inform your immediate neighbors and direct those attending the sale.

Rent a Dumpster

If you don’t have the time to hold a garage sale, you can consider working with a reliable dumpster rental company. It’s a lifesaver, especially for municipalities that don’t offer options for disposing of unused large household items. With the best company, you can:

  • Get the appropriate dumpster size for your large items. You can also ensure that you get the perfect size suitable for your residential space.
  • Get the price on offer for the ideal size of the dumpster. Some companies might try to rent you a big dumpster that may not fit your residence or is too big for the disposables. That is mainly because bigger dumpsters are expensive, benefiting the company.

Lastly, if you choose to use a dumpster, confirm any restrictions on the items the company collects and any extra charges. That makes it easy to verify if your refrigerator or trampoline will be disposable.

Donate Your Unused Items to Charities and Non-profit Organizations

It’s a noble move because someone somewhere needs what you no longer use in your home. However, if you choose this method, make sure your household items are in good condition. It’s rude to donate a rusty old bathtub that can easily cause infections.

You can organize with organizations like the Salvation Army to pick up those items still in good condition for donations. Such organizations have data on needy people, so it’s easy to use these items. You might save a family somewhere with a couch they never had.

NowRush Is the Ideal Dumpster Rental Company

These are some of the easiest tips to implement, regardless of your location and schedule. However, engaging a dumpster rental company like NowRush is the best option. Our team of experts is always ready to guide you in renting the perfect dumpster size, determining a reasonable price range, and organizing pick up and drop off. So, if you are looking to dispose of your large household items, rent a dumpster today and start your stress-free journey to a clean home.